TRACTION is a boutique product development and market strategy agency focused exclusively on helping innovators bring the right products to market and win their first customers.


Product Development

Creating a breathtaking product isn’t about building as fast as you can. It’s about listening as closely as you can. When you intimately understand the pain your customer is experiencing designing elegant solutions becomes nearly effortless. The key is developing a deep empathy for your audience.

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Customer Acquisition

Getting from zero to your first paying customer is a monumental feat. It requires patience, tenacity, creativity, and grit to convince someone to try something they’ve never done before, and to spend their hard earned dollars doing it. Your first few sales are the hardest and it all starts with one.

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Letting the world know that you exist can be the most exciting, and scariest, part of launching. With artfully targeted messaging, thoughtfully selected communication channels, and a zest for measured experimentation you can begin to accelerate growth and gain traction.

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