Kind words from our clients and colleagues.

Eileen is very knowledgeable when it comes to business development, sales, and marketing. I have had the pleasure of learning the art of successful cold calling, cold emailing, and win-win negotiations from her. Eileen also has innovative ideas on how a start-up can gain traction very early on, even without its first customer. As thorough and intelligent as she is, she is also very friendly, personable, and passionate about her job.
— Sarah Laiwala
Focused, determined, and efficient, Eileen is a skilled and well-rounded business executive. She is capable of developing complex strategies and, subsequently driving those strategies into results through clear communication and goal setting with her team(s). She is a pleasure to recommend and to work with.
— Eric McCue
Eileen was a great resource for our company. In a short timeframe she was able to produce clear and concise product requirements for the next version of our company’s product offering. She was also very easy to work with and the people she interacted with all had very positive things to say about her and the finished product. I would certainly hire her again.
— Christian McCarrick
Strategic thinker. Entrepreneurial spirit. Passionate leader. These are the things that come to mind when I think of Eileen. Whether at a startup or a large company, Eileen has the ability to grow a kernel of an idea into a business opportunity. I have yet to meet a Product Manager who is more tenacious. Often the difficulty in Product Development is not defining the final vision, but figuring out how to get there. Amazingly adaptable and exceedingly analytical, Eileen always rises to every challenge thrown her way. It has been a true pleasure to collaborate with Eileen. She is the left brain to my right brain.
— Ha Phan
Eileen has been instrumental in getting us in the door and beginning long term business relationships with wireless handset OEMs and strategic distribution partners. As a consumer-focused mobile application technology start-up, getting the word out about our product to key players in the industry is critical to our success, and Eileen has been extremely helpful in this regard. Perhaps most importantly though, she is a positive person and a joy to work with.
— Marcos Klein
If I were to describe Eileen in one word it would be results. From her diligent work to sign our first true network partnership deal worth over $1M, to her constant calls for product and operational innovation, she was the go to resource in the organization. It would be an absolute honour to work side by side with her again and any organization that had the good fortune to retain her services.
— TJ Stalzer